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in love with your ghost

(of all my demon spirits i need you the most)

Callo Merlose

la inquisitora callo merlose, nobody expects the spanish inquisition

December 4th, 2006


doors, doors you can't walk through
Lovely. 't seems I shan't be inventing sixteen new uses for a hot poker, after all.

Oh well. I can still shop for... necessities.

December 2nd, 2006

[002] A day without you...

i will not WEEP, blue
An entire day without him...

It hurts.

I miss him already.

Private; hackable if you wantCollapse )

November 26th, 2006


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I am not entirely certain what this does or why I need to speak, but I think something will happen after you hear the 'tone'.



i will not WEEP, blue
A thousand voices tell me we are trapped.

I should never have believed that horseman. I cannot explain what fancy drove to me to believe him. I can pretend that I was tired of running, but that is no excuse.

My foolishness has trapped us here.

Joshua, I am so sorry.....
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