in love with your ghost

(of all my demon spirits i need you the most)

Callo Merlose
20 July
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signals cross and love gets lost
and time passed makes it plain
of all my demon spirits
i need you the most
i'm in love with your ghost


Character Info:
Callo Merlose ; 24 ; Inquisitor-turned-Fugitive ; curious, confident, intelligent, canny; secretly (or not so secretly) into S&M

Mun Info:
Kath ; 18 ; college student ; a perfectionist, can be slow to reply, loves to do fight scenes ; secretly a superhero (her power? she doesn't eat)


NAME: Callo Merlose
FANDOM: Vagrant Story
AGE AND BIRTHDAY: 24; 20 July (no birthday provided in canon)
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
APPEARANCE: Tall and lithe, with dark hair, green eyes, and pale skin, Callo Merlose was once considered an exotic beauty. She wears what she wants (leather, metal, and corsets are usually involved) and if you have a problem with that, that's your problem.

Merlose is extremely curious. Anything that catches her attention becomes an object of study. She's also extremely intelligent (by the age of 23, she held doctorate degrees in both Religious Psychology and Criminal Psychology) and aware of it. She does not hesitate to use any weapon at her dispoal-- as an Inquisitor, she gathered and analysed information. Now, she uses her remarkable mental prowess to evade detection. Becoming a fugitive and a maternal figure has changed her, making her suspicious and quick to flee rather than fight, but she is still determined and canny.
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